College Funding & Planning Seminars | College Financial Planning

Learn How to Pay for Your Child’s College Education, With as Little Out of Pocket as Possible!

Don’t make the same mistakes 87% of parents make when planning their college funding for their child’s college.

Presentation for College Funding and College Planning

We have a number of live local seminars – register for the one that’s best for you.

Do you know:

•  The little-known strategies that lower your “out-of-pocket” costs AND get the maximum amount of financial aid from each school?

•  The right way to pick the schools that will give you the best financial aid packages?

•  Your EFC, which assets are taken into consideration, and how they affect your out-of-pocket costs?

•  Why your 529 plan could cost you thousands of dollars in financial awards?

•  How to send your child to an expensive private college FOR LESS than a state school?

•  You may be able to increase your college-related tax deductions?

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