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Calculating Your EFC*

(*Expected Family Contribution)

1-Hour Consultation

  • Colleges expect students and their families to contribute to the cost of college. This is known as the EFC (Expected Family Contribution).
  • Each family’s EFC will be personal to them- no two families are in the same situation.
  • If you don’t know your EFC, how will you know how to plan to cover the student’s share?
  • Determine your¬†Tuition Score.
  • Project Your Student’s Financial Need.
  • Estimate your Financial Aid package.
  • Evaluate Colleges you are considering.

Let us help you determine your EFC- call us for a free, 1-hour, no-obligation consulation.  Call (818) 222-0515.

College Planning

College Funding Experts provides families customized College Admissions planning and Financial Aid planning services. We help families streamline and maximize the College entrance and Financial Aid process. With a focus on planning for Federal, State, Scholarships and Grants, we partner with your family to achieve your College goals.

The College enrollment process is a complex and daunting one. Our expert advisers will meet with you to discuss your options for your child’s College of choice while working with you to provide streamlined infrastructural and financial solutions that are customized to your family’s needs, while making College choice and affordability, a tangible reality.