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Expert College Entrance Planning and Financial Process Planning Assistance.

College Funding Experts provides families college entrance planning and financial process planning assistance. We help families streamline and maximize the college entrance and financial aid process. With a focus on planning for federal, state, scholarships and grants, we partner with your family to achieve your college goals.

The college enrollment process is a complex and daunting one. Our expert advisors will meet with you to discuss your options for your child’s college of choice while working with you to provide streamlined infrastructural and financial solutions that are customized to your family’s needs, while making the best college choice and affordability a tangible reality.

Our Team
College Funding Experts has a team of specialists embued with a unique set of skills to ensure that our clients have their individual cases managed effectively and efficiently and above all, with empathy.

Most of our employees, including the founders, management and college advisors, are parents themselves so they have a personal understanding and experience of the complexities around gearing up, and funding, for college. The challenges are daunting.

College Funding Experts hosts complimentary 1-hour presentations at community venues, schools, and hotels in the greater Los Angeles and Ventura County Areas,  as well as private presentations, or virtually (online).  

Want to host a party/presentation at your home for a few friends? We will cater it at our expense so you can have a personalized complimentary presentation in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Client Referrals
We Welcome Referrals!

We at College Funding Experts pride ourselves for our ethical and professional service practices.

If you know a family that you feel could make use of our expertise, please introduce us so that we can do our magic and make their children’s college enrollment and funding a pleasant experience!